Info for continuing students
Once you finish your first year of studies, pass exams, assignments and resits (if applicable)

Online. You need to login to your student finance account with your login details that you created last year. You will need registered email (or CRN), password and secret word with you.
Here are most common questions
Is my course full-time or part-time?
If you applied with us, most likely your course is a full-time (even if you only study 2-3 times a week, its is a blended course which still considered as full-time)
Why when I apply online for maintenance, I only receive £5000 and with you it was up to £12000?
Just click NEXT and you will see next page with an application to Higher amount of maintenance loan.

£5000 is a very common maintenance loan, which is almost everyone can receive, and up to £12000 can only receive students with low household income (student’s and/or whole family income).
Which form do I need to complete if I am continuing student?
Student Finance account will allow you to apply online, so you do not need to fill paper application forms, however if this service is not working or you still do not understand how to re-apply for a loan, contact our agency for consultation (Fee: £180) and assistance for your second year of study
Do I need to send to Student Finance anything at all?
YES. After submitting an application online, print the declaration from your home page at Student Finance account, date, sign and send on the address that is written on it and/ or your Student Finance portal.

Along with declaration, you need to send an evidence that you are still working in UK (if you applied as EU migrant worker or family member of EU migrant worker).

Evidence could be for employed: payslips, P60, P45 (if you changed your job since last academic year). Evidence for self-employed: banks statements, Tax returns, invoices corresponding banks statements
Do I need to send my passport/ID again?
No, you do not need to send it again, unless previous was expired and Student Finance is requesting to show new Identity Document
What if I do not receive any answer from Student Finance for long time?
Student Finance has thousands of applicants. Best way to move your application: CALL THEM REGULARLY TO CHECK PROGRESS: 0300 100 0607
Could you help me with application for Student Finance for my next year?
Yes. But as a part of our free service for you, Student Finance application is only done for the first year. For next years you do it yourself, using this info in Q/A on our website. It’s quite easy! However, if you still want us to help you, we can do it for a fee of £180
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