Education services
- 2 hours video or audio call (could be split in 2 sessions) with our CEO Sabina Gosman

- Analysis of your qualifications and work experience background

- Application to university-partner

- Up to 5 attempts

- 2 months chat support with our CEO Sabina Gosman

- Free student finance application with Finance manager
Enrolling with CEO
What is included:
- 1 introductory call 30 min

- Analysis of your chances and eligibility

- Application up to 1 hour

- 3 months support via calls and chats

*Price (not for our students) – £350

For our students service is £55.
Paid SFE
What is included:
- 1.5 hours webinar with our CEO Sabina in Zoom

- Q/A session at the end of webinar

- Presentation of what we learned, sent to your email

- Recorded video of webinar sent to attendees
Coming soon
SFE Webinar
What is included:
- 1.5 hours of live session in small group of 4 people

- Theoretical part of what to expect at university interview

- Useful life hacks how to pass an interview with the highest score

- Practical part with each student and instant feedback on trial interview

Coming soon
Interview preparation
What is included:
- Initial 15 min consultation

- Analysis of your qualifications and work experience

- Offer with options according to your case

- Samples & guidance on your CV and Personal Statement

- Application to selected partner-university and course

- Assistance in booking English & Math assessments (if applicable)

- Preparation samples

- Free preparation in Zoom (subject to availability)

Find out who is eligible:

For undergraduates

For postgraduate
University Application
What is included:
* for UK/Home students
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