Freuently Asked Questions about education in UK
What do you help with exactly?
We advise you and give guidance about every step from your wish to study to the actual enrollment to the universities. We give you a list of documents needed for the specific university that you chose (yes, it is different for every university), check your CV & Personal Statement, give feedback to increase your chances, apply on your behalf to selected universities, help with application for Student Finance.
What is the Student Finance?
Student Finance - is a government loan to cover your tuition fees and maintenance costs. It is not a bank loan, where you start monthly repayments straight away. This program is very loyal and helps students with the expensive costs. Yes, you have to give the money back once graduated, but only if you have a certain income per year (from 27,000 GBP as per 2022).

NOTE! You should be eligible for Student Finance. Please check with our team if you fit the entry criteria.
Are there any age limits?
Usually the age range is from 18 to 60 years old. However, there are some exceptions. Please check with our team if you can apply for studies and for a student loan.
What are your fees and how much do you charge for your help?
If you are eligible for our FREE package, we are very happy to help you for free.
Don’t worry if you are not eligible for this package, our offers start only from £290.

More packages you can find here: https://newschools.eu/internationalstudents/en
If you have a free service, then how does it work? What benefits are there for you?
In many cases we have this opportunity to charge universities and not students. So, don’t worry, it is not a scam :) This is simply collaboration with university-partners. Universities value us as a partner for many years and we have an outstanding reputation. You can ask them yourself.
I already have an offer in the university. Can you help me with Student Finance?
Yes! If you apply by yourself to the university, we can help you with your Student Finance application. Price is £350 and this service is more explained and can be purchased from this link: https://newschools.eu/educationservices/en
Can we apply to many universities straight away?
We have built an effective strategy that worked over the years. And with some universities that are part of the same group, it is actually bad to have multiple applications for different universities and courses, as Admissions doubt that you know what you want and what is your goal. We don’t want you to look desperate and get to any possible university. 

Therefore, depending on the strategy and universities we apply one by one or all in one go.

In case, you still want to apply to as many universities as possible, you can do that with PREMIUM Package: https://newschools.eu/internationalstudents/en
What level of English is required?
Because we have a large portfolio of universities-partners, we assure you that we recommend the university according to your English level and educational background. We have universities where it is easy to get an offer, and we have universities with higher entry requirements. Some universities have an interview, some don’t. If you are able to speak and write pre-intermediate, we can definitely find you options.
Do I need an IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge etc to prove my English? Every website of the university mentions these exams!
No, you don’t need to have them. If you have them – brilliant! But if not, don’t worry, as many universities have internal testing systems, and this is often offered free of charge.

Moreover, there are many more alternatives of proofing your English like Duolingo, Pearson Academic etc.
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