How can I get funding for my studies?

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Student finance comes in the form of a state loan which pays the cost of university tuition fees. There are two types of loan. The first covers the cost of the academic course, which goes directly to the institution, as well as coursebooks and other necessities related to studying. The second is for the basic needs including accommodation and food. This type of loan is intended for those who really need to be provided for. It depends on the level of parents' income and on the location of the university and accommodation. In England, the maximum student loan is £9,250 for undergraduates and around £10,500 for postgraduates. For those living outside London, the maximum and minimum amount will be double that. 

The residence loan is £12,000 per year. Via this programme, there are also grants that cover day care for students with their own children. The grant covers up to 80% of the cost and up to a maximum of £260 per week if there are two or more children. You do not have to pay back this money. When the student completes their course of study and their income exceeds £27,000 per year, the money borrowed must be repaid. If the recipient's earnings do not reach this level, there is no need to repay the loan. Loans are written off after 30 years. 

If you have already chosen a course, you should study the university website and look at the section on grants. There you will find details on deadlines, the documents required and the admission rules. Eligibility depends on the course of study, the university, your age, nationality and residence status. In addition, many universities offer their own system of scholarships. They are generally awarded according to the following criteria: good academic progress, potential, motivation and financial need. 

It is possible to apply for funding to the UK student finance body in your home country before entering university. You need to set up an account, fill in the details, send your passport or identification documents when you first apply and declare your family income.