The most demanded field of study in the UK

Birmingham university photo
In the UK, the IT field is one of the most popular and in demand, because education in the field of information technology is leading all over the world.
Computer technology, graphic design, computer security, and many other areas open up good prospects for future professionals in the foreign market.

Indeed, computer science is not only a technical part where you need to solve technical problems, some problems require creative solutions. Being able to multitask, be creative, work with graphic editors helps to diversify the workflow and love it even more.
Moreover, with an IT degree, you can work for a large technology company, manage and develop websites for well-known brands, do programming, or start your own business.

Education in this specialty in the UK goes like this: lectures, case studies, internships to develop practical skills, training in computer laboratories, participation in group work to solve technical and creative problems.

As a result, the student receives knowledge and skills in the field of programming languages, can create the architecture of computer systems, study the protection of personal information, and much more.

Digital fraud protection, software protection, protection of data transmission through the online space, bank account management - one of the most popular areas is cybersecurity. In today's world, this is an important topic, so in recent years, cases of fraud have increased by almost 30%.

So you can study information technology at the most famous universities in the UK such as University College Birmingham, Bournemouth University, Brunel University London. Other universities with this direction are also available. Tuition is £15.780, but you always have a chance for a free education, you can get a grant and pass on special conditions.

Anyway, your investment in yourself and step towards yourself will pay off thanks to the acquired skills.