Internships in the UK while studying

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Undergraduate programs offer internships for 12 months during the 3rd year if the study lasts 4 years. Some universities optionally offer students internships of up to six months if their undergraduate program is three years. They are called Industrial placement and sandwich placement.

The university offers professional skills as part of the course. The focus of the internships is the same: it helps to prepare for further work and develops practical skills. The difference lies in the duration. Some internships take place during the summer and do not involve employment. This option is suitable for those who do not want to and cannot take breaks from their studies.

The benefits of completing them during training become a real immersion in practice. The knowledge gained can be applied in practice. The internship provides an opportunity to develop communication skills, conduct business negotiations, make valuable contacts, exchange, and learn from mentors. A special bonus for those who have completed the internship is the chance to continue working in the company. Some of them are paid, and this is an additional opportunity to earn extra money. If you are planning to stay in the country, then real practice will help you to establish yourself as a specialist.

When doing an independent search, please pay attention to the directions, whether it coincides with yours, study the companies in which you want to work, track offers and be proactive. Tell us about your experience, education, be sure to attach a cover letter. Reflect on your achievements, revealing your abilities, why you want to get into this particular company, and how you can be helpful.

Your desire and confidence are the key to your success.