Student accommodation in the UK

Aberdeem university photo
Most students are concerned not only with the process of admission and study in the UK but also with the place where the student will live comfortably and have a rest from their studies. The cost of housing in London is one of the highest; the price varies depending on the area and conditions of the place.

The available accommodation options for foreign students are a university dormitory which is also a residence. The bulk of students who decide to settle in a hostel are the first undergraduate courses or future students of foundation. Spaces are limited and it is very important to apply for university residency yourself.
The cost ranges from 80 to 750 pounds per week. Several people or one student can live in a room. Bathroom and kitchen with shared facilities. The residence unites academic communities; it is easier to make new acquaintances, friends, and organize various events.
The dormitories are equipped with video surveillance cameras and the security is quite high.

Students who enroll in a master's degree most often choose apartments or rooms near the university. This is convenient since this type of housing is equipped with all the necessary accessories in the form of a washing machine, kitchen and bathroom without leaving the building block. Such accommodation costs between £ 80 and £ 500 depending on the area chosen. Universities in the UK help students with rental issues by choosing honest and proven ones.

The most famous and one of the most interesting ways is to live with families. It is mainly chosen by students when the dorms are overcrowded. There are more advantages here, there is an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment, feel the hospitality and warmth of home with coziness.

In any case, whichever option you choose, you need to take into account your characteristics and preferences, the university will take care of the rest.