Features of studying in the United Kingdom: college or university?

Oxford Universities photo
Before you decide to enter a British educational institution, you need to choose a course of study, find out the features of different programmes, calculate the possible costs and assess your ability to pay. Look out for institutions that are accredited to admit international students and for above-average entry requirements.

When choosing between college and university, you should determine the purpose of your studies. In the United Kingdom, colleges usually refer to schools that have a narrow focus or programme. Periods of study can be as short as a few months or as long as several years. International students enter at around the age of 16, and later you can continue at university on an accelerated programme. You need to submit your school leaving certificate, a document listing your grades and also the results of the IELTS exam. You can commence your studies at any time of the year, and classes are generally held in small groups.

Universities offer a large number of disciplines and carry out research. This is a unique opportunity to gain thorough knowledge together with practical skills. Studies last from three to seven years depending on the speciality. Group sizes are typically many times larger than at college. You need IELTS results, a foundation degree, a school leaving certificate, motivation and recommendation letters and other important documents for admission.

International students enter college on Foundation Programmes to prepare for study at university. The main difference is that college provides a solid foundation for entering university, makes the submission of documents easier and helps you adapt to a new language environment. Only a small proportion of UK colleges offer higher education programmes.

Education in the United Kingdom is considered to be the best thanks to the strict discipline of teaching staff, a hands-on approach and cutting-edge technology. The wide variety of programmes of study helps you choose an educational institution based on your personal traits, interests and goals. You’ll discover something that makes learning a diverse and enriching experience.