The best universities of the UK

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The UK is a country where students come from all over the world to get a decent
education. The most popular universities here are in the lead along with others in the
world. Oxford University is one of the most famous and authoritative. It is the fifth in the
ranking and the first English-speaking university on the islands.

The university has an academic community united by a research goal. This is valuable
because students can share their ideas and create unique projects.
There is the oldest botanical garden, arboretum and a local library on the territory.
A notable feature is its own publishing house, which publishes the Oxford Dictionary.
A student of one college can choose to study in any academic course: humanities,
social sciences, medicine and exact sciences.

Admission and enrollment is supervised by the college and also room and board are
arranged by them. The university is equipped with book materials and provide access to
laboratories and museums.

The educational process is controlled by the university. You need to have a high IELTS
score and good preparation and motivation to have a chance to study here.

The University of Cambridge, along with the University of Oxford, is one of the oldest
and leading universities in the world in terms of teaching. The advantage is that they
help the student to realize their full potential through an individual approach. The
university offers training in six schools: arts and humanities, humanities and social,
clinical medicine, physical sciences, engineering and technology.

The university has its own radio station, newspapers are published about the current
news of the university. The territory of the university is full of sports complexes, because
sport occupies a special place in the life of the university.

University College London (UCL) is the first university in London to admit students
regardless of their religion and to support women in university education. The university
offers over 800 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.
The university carries out a preparatory program for the students who want to get a
bachelor’s degree. The most popular faculties are architecture, engineering, economics
and finance. At the university, teachers are involved in international educational projects
and research.

The School of Engineering offers a wide area of expertise from traditional subjects to
the latest technology. The Faculty of Economics has a high international level, where
students study modern approaches and economic research.

University College is known for its huge library, which contains about 1.5 million books,
as well as the famous British Museum nearby. The location is convenient for its
transport interchange, you can reach any part of London.