Personal statement

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If you are going to enter a university in the UK, then you deliberately noticed that the package of documents includes a personal statement. This is one of the most important applications after the IELTS certificate.

The admissions office often pays a lot of attention to the personal statement, therefore, the correct filling of the letter increases your chances of winning. A personal statement is an essay, the essence of which is for the student to reveal his potential, ambition, and desire to learn in it.

The main requirement of a cover letter is structure and information content. The introduction and conclusion of the letter make the most vivid impressions. Please, try to write concisely, understandably, and without complex grammatical structures. At the very beginning, tell us what specialty you have chosen, why you want to study it, show involvement and interest. Next, indicate where you studied, about your merits, talents, qualities, open up as much as possible, and do not be shy about your achievements. After that, tell us about your experience, how you overcame difficulties, and your career prospects. At the end of the letter, mention why you should be admitted to the university, how it can help and convey your value. The main goal is to interest the university in your candidacy.

A personal statement is required for both undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies in the UK. Check the requirements on the website of the university of your choice, since the host country is ready to accept only the handwritten text of a potential student.

Certainly, avoid copying someone else's letter, this may affect the decision of the selection committee. At all, avoid spelling mistakes or fake facts. Before you send a personal statement, it is better to read it aloud several times and give it to someone you trust to read it to clear the text of unnecessary words, sentences, or, on the contrary, supplement.

So your honesty, sincerity of intentions, and great interest are the beginning of great prospects for studying in the UK.